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Austrian composer, harpist, and teacher.

Horn studied harp at the Prague Conservatory, then after three years as a soloist in Vienna he became a private student of Bruckner's. He also studied with Robert Fuchs. In addition to giving vocal instruction at the Piaristengymnasium in Vienna, he worked as music critic of the Deutsches Volksblatt, taught at the Neues Wiener Konservatorium, and taught harmony at the Vienna Akademie (Hochschule) für Musik und darstellende Kunst (= Conservatory) from 1915 to 1931.

As a composer, he wrote two symphonies, some chamber and piano works, Lieder, and choral works.

There is no known correspondence between Horn and Schenker.


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  • Tittel, Ernst, Die Wiener Musik Hochschule (Vienna: Lafite, 1967)

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