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Schenker's study of Beethoven's Symphony No. 3 in Eę major ("Eroica"), which at one stage Schenker envisioned as a monograph publication, by Universal Edition, but which was ultimately published by Drei Masken Verlag as part of volume III of Das Meisterwerk in der Musik (1930) with the title "Beethovens Dritte Sinfonie zum erstenmal in ihrem wahren Inhalt dargestellt" [Beethoven's Third Symphony for the first time portrayed in its true content].

Dealings with Universal Edition and Drei Masken Verlag

Schenker wrote to Emil Hertzka on November 27, 1928 (WSLB 400 ‒ the first contact between the two men since December 1925) proposing that the study of the "Eroica" Symphony on which he had been working be published by Universal Edition "as supplementing the Ninth [Symphony] and the Fifth Symphony" ‒ that is, he wished to see UE fabricate retrospectively a series comprising his monograph Beethovens Neunte Sinfonie (1912), his three-part study of the Fifth Symphony (Tonwille 1921‒23) subsequently assembled in monograph form as Beethovens Fünfte Sinfonie (1925), and his new study of the Third Symphony (which he predicted would comprise "at most 2-3 gatherings in length plus Urlinie graphs"). While Hertzka agreed to entertain the possibility in principle (OC 52/847), he prevaricated throughout 1929, and in January 1930 (OC 52/860) stated that economic conditions still made it "impossible at this time." Thereafter a six-month silence ensued on both sides.

Moriz Violin wrote to the Berlin publisher Rather about the monograph, but in January 1930 received a discouraging response (OJ 14/45, [84]). Subequently, Karl Straube made approaches to Breitkopf & Härtel and C. F. Peters, but these met with no interest (OC 54/218). In February, costings were sought and received direct from Waldheim-Eberle in Vienna (OC 54/221).

Schenker wrote to Drei Masken Verlag (referred to in OC 54/233) on March 16, 1930, after a two-year break in correspondence, to inquire about conditions for a third volume of Das Meisterwerk. DMV on May 22, 1930 declared its willingness "to undertake the third volume of Dr. Schenker's Yearbook in the manner proposed by you" (OC 54/224). With this the monograph proposal, and the imagined UE monograph series, lapsed.


  • Ian Bent

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